NSS M1 Pig Overhead Cleaning Kit. Sold by Each.

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NSS M1 Pig Overhead Cleaning Kit.  Sold by Each.
The Model M-1 Pig Overhead Ceiling, Wall, and Pipe Tool Kit (Part # 3092559) includes all the parts needed to clean any surface above the floor. This unique tool kit features wall brushes with flexible connections to clean any flat surface. Two pipe tools allow cleaning overhead pipes and rounded ductwork. Lightweight extension wands permit easy cleaning up to 25 feet off the floor. This tool kit includes: Three extendable wand handles, Sidewinder 18-in flexible dusting brush, Sidewinder 8-in flexible dusting brush, 135 bend wand extension, 45 bend wand extension, 19-in wand extension, 3-in round brush, 8-in Pipe Cleaning Brush, 4-in Pipe Cleaning Brush, 10-ft Superflex hose, and a Mesh tool storage bag. For use with the NSS Model M1 "Pig" (sold seperately, see item NSS-1001070).