NSS Pacer 30 Wide Area Vacuum. Sold by Each.

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NSS Pacer 30 Wide Area Vacuum.  Sold by Each.
The Pacer 30 is the smart choice for fast, effective vacuuming of large carpeted areas. Its dual 1-HP vacuum motors provide impressive cleaning muscle in a single 30-inch (76.2 cm) pass. A unique vacuum muffling system, combined with extraordinary filtration make the Pacer 30 an exceptionally quiet wide-area vacuum. The large rear wheels and front swivel casters mean easy maneuverability. The Pacer 30s compact profile, adjustable handle, and self-propelled brush action make it easier and less tiring to use, compared to competitive vacuums. At a steady work pace, the Pacer 30 will cover 19,000 square feet (1,767 m2) of carpet per hour. The Pacer 30 is ideal for reception halls, meeting rooms, hotel hallways, airport terminals, or any other large areas that demand high performance cleaning in a hurry.