Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface Spray Deodorizer Quart. Sold by Each.

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Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface Spray  CITY-COMBO
Fresh Wave IAQs Air & Surface Spray is ideal for rapid, targeted odor control. It instantly bonds to, and eliminates, odor molecules in the air and those that have penetrated or are resting on fabrics or surfaces. And its simple to use. Just spray the affected areas and the odor will be eliminated. Fresh Wave IAQ is engineered from a proprietary blend of natural ingredients including water, lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove and cedarwood, which is environmentally friendly and safe to use.

Fresh Wave IAQs Air & Surface Spray ready to use products have earned the Environmental Protection Agencys Safer Choice recognition. The Safer Choice label program* recognizes products that are safe for use and safe for the environment

The science behind Fresh Wave IAQ:
The Science behind Fresh Wave